Display callback for 3dsmax 8 &  NEW  3dsmax 2012 64 / 32

the plugin interface


This display callback has been done around 2003 for debug purpose, the original version used to display vertex and faces number on selected node in the 3d viewport, but this version actually display degenerated faces ,where 3 verts are almost colinear  you can set the threshold parameter to locate « spike » in real time in your 3d model, really useful on editable poly where the generated faces change constantly the callback display a warning along the degenerated face normal , moving the a vertex on cut the poly might fix .

warnings displayed along face normal

  • download the zip file ( download  link  on panel on the right side )
  • extract the dlu in your 3dsmax plugin folder
  • the plugin user interface might be in the utility Tab in 3ds max
  • the on of button activate / deactivate the display function
  • the spinner set the colinear threshold there is no specific unit just check the viewport to get the right result


enjoy ..

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