ALF float controller + QUMARION controller

here is the new place for my free 3dsmax motion controller

NEW VERSION max 2012 64b in DL links

this 3dsmax component is a float controller which is allow you to setup a graphic linear input value to a float like a axis rotation , pretty handy to create loop animation , the latest version ( 3dsmax 7 ) got a slot for a sub controller, can use another float controller like alffloatctrl to control the effect of the parent controller , seems complicated to explain but quite easy to use in fact ..  check his out !

how to use .

How to ..

First of all, chose your related max version plugin in downloads section   unzip the dlc in your 3dsmax plugin folder

go to the motion tab, choose a alffloatctrl to assign on float value open parameters dialog then clic on line to add keys, and spinners to setup range , offset etc ..


UPDATE 9/9/2013

a modified version of the Float controller For QMARION motion device

i recently put  my hands on a QUMARION puppet this plastic baby is full of motion sensor and provided with a japanese SDK and pluggins for 3dsmax after few unsuccessful attempt to get the official pluggin working on my workstation  i made mine based on my motion controller

it just provide a link from the physical sensor to the value of the controller

it need some time to setup the rig but once it s done it s just working


make sure the qumarion is connected and drivers are installed then open the provided max file to play with the small plastic bitch

link to download the controller


if you have the previous alffloatcontroller active in your max pluggin , just remove it , both using same key and it could lead to plugging conflict

there s no documentation it s not official software just a DIY code to play with my new toy



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