My Games 1994 – 2011

From my first game to the last one here is the game list  i’v done until now

  • Assasins creed Brotherhood Multiplayer ( Ubisoft Annecy 2010 ) . I joined Ubisoft Annecy in august 2010 as reinforcement on Assassins creed brotherhood multiplayer , the game was almost done only few download content maps still left to achieve i v been working mainly on the Pienza map as level artist.


  • Endwar xbox 360 , ps3 ( Ubisoft Shanghai 2008 ) :  i joined Ubisoft Shanghai studio during summer 2006 as Art Technical Director for Endwar, an ambitious project based on early release of Unreal 3 engine this game is a real time strategy action game .


  • Splinter Cell pandora tomorrow , chaos theory and double agent  multiplayer Xbox, ps2, Xbox360  ( Ubisoft Annecy 2002 – 2007 ) : 3 games shipped as both  level artist and tool developer, splinter cell is a stealth action fps based on unreal engine. pandora tomorrow and chaos theory with unreal engine 2.5 and double agent with unreal engine 3


  • Four wheels thunder sega Dreamcast  ( Kalisto 1999 editor Midway ) : off road racing game worked as level technical artist (doesn’t have any meaning at this time in fact )   This game has been praised for its realistic graphics and fun gameplay.This is Also Part Of The Thunder Series Which Includes; Hydro Thunder, Arctic Thunder, Offroad Thunder . probably the best time of all my carer since Kalisto was kind of fun place to work , with brilliant managers and talented workmates .. good old time


  • Dark Moon Chronicles pc-cdrom-game 1999 ( Cryo entertainment ) not that much to say about this one i leave the company before the games was achieved but iv been in the first version of the « core team » to take over animations


  • Ubik pc-cdrom-game ( Cryo entertainment 1998 ) : Ubik the game was a kind of adventure action game based on the eponymous novel  by Philip K.Dick where you had to .. do a lot of thing , don’t remember exactly what , but the game development at this time was different , mains characters had less than 200 polygons we mixed pre calculated decors with real time  elements the team was around 6 people , one programmer few artists .. like a phone game today .


  • Megarace 2 pc-cdrom-game 1995 ( Cryo entertainment 1998 ) : e a futuristic racing game that used kind of weird technology, all tracks have been rendering in hight resolution then compressed in homemade video format to support different playing speed rate. my firs game




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