Geditor source files

Geditor is an object modifier for 3dsmax created in 2000 something for kalisto four wheels thunder team
there s basicaly  there’s 2 different way to use it:

  • 3 spinners to modify vertex  selection rgb colors ( each vcol independently multiplied by the spinners value )
  • or you can pick another 3ds max node in the scene to propagate it s vetex color ( kind of projection )

Unfortunately my last build was for 3dsmas 3 many years ago , I guess meanwhile something has been changed , so my las attempt to rebuild this plugin failed, it does build, but doesnt work , since the object have few others vertex channels it probably need some modification to make it work again

i ll try to fix that and post a fresh build for latest max versions asap, meanwhile, feel free to pick up the source code , debug .. build . just send me back  your version  it would be nice ..


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